Injector Gadget is the only injector with manual injection. This method of injection offers the highest level of stealth for injected DLLs. Using this, it is possible to inject into such games as WonderKing NA without the DLLs being detected.

Injector Gadget also offers the usual remote LoadLibrary that most other injectors use. To use this feature, disable the “Cloak DLL” checkbox. This method is less buggy and properly loads manifest information / MUI files (it makes injected DLLs “look better”).


  • Hack safer. Injector Gadget is one of the only injectors in the world that offers “DLL Cloaking” to help prevent cheat detection.
  • Inject quickly. Injector Gadget has a “Process Watcher” that can watch for a process to start and inject into it within milliseconds. It also sports multi-threaded injection for blazing injection speeds.
  • Inject many. Injector Gadget supports multiple DLL injection which lets you inject many DLLs all at the exact same time.
  • Undetected. Injector Gadget is not (yet) detected by very many, if any, programs.


How to use:

Select the process you want to inject into from the list. You may need to refresh the list if you started Injector Gadget before the process. When selected, you should see the “PID” field fill in with the PID of the process. Click on Browse and select the DLL(s) to inject. Enable “Cloak DLL” if you need the DLL(s) to be cloaked. Click “Inject.”

Virus Scan:

Known Bugs:

When “Cloak DLL” is enabled, the .manifest symbol is skipped and, as a result, the MUI file for the interface isn’t loaded. This causes the injected DLL to look “ugly” in most cases.

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